Skilled Representation Matters

Good trial lawyers know there is always a way to solve the problem and do their best for their clients. Getting help with an appeal may be the solution.  

As an appellate lawyer, I specialize in legal research and writing. I also support busy trial lawyers by drafting dispositive motions and briefs.


If you are wanting to appeal or cross appeal, I can help.  An appeal may be the last chance of getting a judgment, criminal conviction, or other adverse decision reversed. Statistically, your odds of winning an appeal are not high.  Strict deadlines and specialized court rules, statutes, and administrative orders can make the appeal process hard to navigate. To navigate the appeal process successfully, you will need a strong writer and advocate. If you hire me for an appeal, I will identify  potential errors and present your strongest arguments for reversal to the court.  


I also represent parties defending an appeal. I have worked on more than 1,000 civil and criminal matters during my years as an appellate law clerk. I am familiar with how judges approach cases and make decisions. I have experience working on structurally complex matters like class actions. I have reviewed jury trials with millions of dollars at stake. The opportunity for oral argument does not intimidate me, and I enjoy explaining why the lower court was correct and should be affirmed.